Interwine Changsha International Wine Exhibition, May 9-11, 2023

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First Time! Thousands Of Entrepreneurs Who Participate In The Group Purchase Wine Exhibition! Changsha International Wine Expo, May 9-11, 2023

The first Changsha International Liquor Expo is to be held in Changsha in 2023. Ketong Exhibition, in collaboration with the Hunan Provincial Association of Nonlocal Chambers of Commerce, has organized 529 chambers of commerce and 10000 entrepreneurs to purchase global fine wines directly. Over 3000 Hunan business entrepreneurs from around the world participated in this year's liquor expo, accompanied by 7000 group purchasing enterprises, including large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, listed companies, private enterprises, and member units of Hunan's 14 city and state liquor associations, which will result in the strongest reaction in the global wine industry.

The 2023 Changsha International Liquor Expo will be based in Hunan, facing the world, strengthening Hunan liquor brands, expanding Hunan liquor industry, bringing together international famous liquors, developing exhibition economy, promoting the integration of domestic and international trade, and promoting healthy consumption.



The First Changsha Interwine Group Purchase Show 2023

Simultaneously held:

The Fourth China International Wine Fair



May 9-11, 2023


Hunan International Exhibition Center


22000 ㎡

(Wine exhibition area 8000 ㎡)

Theme of the event:

Xiaoxiang Liquor Rhyme, Fragrance of the World


Supporting units: Department of Commerce of Hunan Province,lndustry and Information Technology Department of Hunan Province,Administration for Market Requlation of Hunan Province,Changsha Municipal People's Government.

Hosts:   China Alcoholic Drinks Association,Hunan Chamber of Commerce Federation.

Organizers: Ketong International Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Hunan Chamber of Commerce Federation Liquor Industry Committee, Hunan Xiangshang International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Exhibition Highlights

20000 to 30000 group buying enterprises present for procurement

The organizing committee will accurately invite buyers from Hunan and central China, especially group buying enterprises, to attend, promote on-site transactions, help exhibitors build brands and explore new sales channels with huge potential, and promote the Hunan liquor industry.

Every entrepreneur should have their own wine   

Customized liquor has become an emerging niche in today's era of pursuing personalization. With a focus on providing entrepreneurs with high-quality services tailored to their unique liquor styles, the 2023 Changsha International Liquor Expo will focus on customized liquor.

Invite star buyers to join the exhibition

  • Associations for the domestic and international wine industries

  • Off-Site Hunan Business Association and Liquor Industry Organizations

  • Distributors, agents, wholesalers, traders, etc.

  • Hotel and catering businesses inside and outside the province

  • Professional liquor buyers from all over the country

  • Large chain supermarkets, convenience stores, and related suppliers

  • Well-known wine wholesale market

  • Professional media, WeChat, e-commerce platforms, etc.

Accurate bussiness matching

Make sure there's a buyer call team to do one-on-one and peer-to-peer invites to the database, with professional audiences in South China, Central China, East China, and North China, as well as expanding overseas. Invite VIP buyers to visit and buy from domestic and foreign exhibitors, and set up professional buyer procurement routes to make professional invitations stronger.

Range of Exhibits

In 2023, Changsha International Liquor Expo will cover 22000 square meters and   have 7 exhibition areas:

  • World Wine & Spirits Hall

  • Chinese Liquor Hall

  • Comprehensive Image Hall

  • Hunan Liquor Hall

  • Old Liquor Hall

  • Packaging Design Hall

  • Food & Wine Pairing Hall


There will be forums, procurement matchmaking meetings, press conferences, and online activities associated with the 2023 Liquor Industry Expo.


\ Main Forum /

Innovation and Development Summit Forum for the Liquor Industry

Activity content: The forum invites relevant department leaders, authoritative experts, and enterprise representatives to discuss the opportunities, challenges, solutions, and strategies associated with innovative development, integrated development, and safe development faced by Hunan liquor brands.


\ Thematic Activities /

"Top Ten" Liquor Brands Press Conference for the China

Conference on China Sauce Wine

Forum on the development of high quality liquor in China

Press conference for the China Wine Production Region


\ B2B Matchmaking /

special procurement matchmaking meeting

A variety of traditional liquor brands were invited to participate in on-site roadshows and one-on-one negotiations with exhibition buyers, expanding brand promotion, facilitating transaction orders, and achieving collaboration.


\ More Events /

Press Conference

Activity content: Invite leaders of provincial units, leaders of Changsha City, and main leaders of relevant departments directly under the city, key enterprises, relevant industry associations, and media representatives to hold a press conference in April to provide a detailed introduction to the overall situation of the Wine Expo to all sectors of society.

Short Video Creation Competition

Activity content: Members of the society are invited to submit their creative short videos under the theme of "Liquor Rhyme Xiaoxiang". The video campaigns are inspired by Hunan liquor. Ten of the best creative videos will be chosen, and the liquor brands will pay them to shoot a new set of marketing videos that will be promoted online.


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