Winery roadshow is the event specially organized for the wineries. It greatly creates and promotes the connection between wineries and Chinese importers on the basis of a huge database from Interwine.

Interwine Roadshow Proposal 2019.pdf

Interwine Forum presents you the updated industry information and trends, interpreting the world of wine in an exclusive perspective.

The invitation of the judges and the

collection of wine samples is under way.

We are going to select professional judges

from all over the world, including Wine

Masters, critivs, Winemakers, and other

professionals, to ensure the professional-

ism, authority, impartiality, international

level of the competition.

The IWGC will never success without active

participation and support of Cooperating

units. We hope you send the wine samples

as soon as possible.

Fill out the application form and Email us:2355738299@qq.com

IGC 2020 INTERWINE GRAND CHANLLENGE_20200309180714.pdf